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Have you runaway from home? Do you’ve parents or not? I’ll give work, will you do it? I’ll do if I like it. Come sir… Finished sir. Did I beg you? I worked to earn it.
Give it respectfully. Go! The van is here! Stop boy! Where are you running away? What’s that grandpa?
– Government van. They will take street children like you
and give them education. Name?
-Ajay. Yours?
– Tillu. What’s your name?
I’m asking you… Munna! Mother! Andhravani Daily Newspaper Khakha’s terror continues… You’re not scared of Khakha. You wrote a public secret,
how can you call it as news? Do you know the news
which you too don’t know? You’re committing a mistake, Atma. You worked all these
days for Khakha. You’ve parted ways with him
and challenging him. No, Khakha will not let you live. I’ll not let Khakha to live,
go and tell him. Either Atma or Khakha
should be in this city. From today I’m a friend
of Khakha’s enemies. Jana Chaitanya Party Just one man, neverfears police, never cares the Courts, buys Governments, and rules overthe system. Who the Minister he’s talking about?
I didn’t get you. Home Minister, though you know and
fearto take against a man, about him only. Mr. Srinivasa Rao, we are also Ministers. This is not a race to run as you
blow the whistle, it’s politics, if we take action on Khakha,
we’ve to answer many people. I don’t care about your answers, but I must answerto my people. In desperation I had to
tender my resignation. We were confident that you’ll close down
that pharmaceutical company. We expected at least the future
generation will be happy. But you’ve dashed that hopes too. I gave up my Ministry only,
I’m still alive. The agitation will not stop
with my resignation, it’s the starting point of
closure of that factory. Come on, ask me. You’ve been most loyal leader
of the party for40 years, why did you resign sir? Who should I be loyal to?
Party or People? Let anyone rule the state,
nothing really moves here, its better not to do any bad to
people than doing any good What lead to your resignation sir? Afactory belonging to a man is killing
100’s of people every year with pollution, 1000’s of people are
getting handicapped, though putting pressure to close it, we couldn’t do anything because of
that man’s reach in higher echelons. so, I thought it’s useless to
be a Minister anymore. Who is he sir? Though you may fearto write his name,
I’m not scared to tell his name. Khakha! Good traditional family, though both are girls,
they have been raised as girls only. Bride’s mother.
– Greetings. Keep it there. Bride’s younger sister. I said traditional, this is it. It’s not tradition but habit. It’s tradition if we do once ortwice,
this is 32nd time, it’s a habit now. Till they get a proposal like yours, not just 32 proposals they are ready
to see 62nd proposal too. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong
with the bride, she’s a good girl. She’ll not put forward a step too
without mother’s permission. Trust me. Get down…get down… Come here. Stand on it. The man who helped you
is saying bye, say him bye. He’s none otherthan my daddy. My daughter will come. Mother, sister has jumped
forthe 32nd time too. Where’s yourfather? Where will he be?
He too jumped. Why is yourfather helping you to
escape from bride seeing ceremony? Daddy is a Kamma and
Mummy is a Reddy, Dad wants a Choudhury groom and
mother wants a Reddy groom, and I’m safe between them. Don’t you want to marry? If I get a man of my choice,
I’m ready to marry. How would your choice of man be? Indeed good looking. That’s why my friend would’ve
told I love you. Do you’ve to get him beaten up
by your brotherforthat? It’s a simple thing, you carry on. Is it a qualification of brothers to beat
anyone expressing love to their sister? This is 2007! Four of you beating one man is wrong. But one man beating all
those four isn’t wrong Look…
– Shravya! Let it be anything. If boys chase girls,
it’s not a problem anymore, there’s a problem in girl
if nobody chases her. Anyone expressing love
to you isn’t eve teasing, if you like say yes,
or else say no. But if the guy still chases you,
then brothers like him must enter. Like your sister has back up in you, you didn’t imagine that he would’ve
a back up support like me, right? Tillu, come here. He’s Tillu, B.E., Electronics,
very good boy, trust me, think about him again
and say yes. With a powerful man like you
sitting before me, how can I say yes to anyone else? Its yes foryou. Take on the challenges
by its horns… Nobody can dare challenge us… Don’t back off…it’s waste… Enthusiasm must reach the sky… Show it in its full stream… Don’t rest till you
conquerthe worlds… Don’t let the steam off till
you get what you want… There’s nothing impossible
if you’ve a heart… Victory will be ours if you keep
on trying till you achieve it… It’s a boon to have a heart
that doesn’t fall for money… If you use your intelligence cleverly,
the victory will be ours… Friendship is the
outfit of personality… Won’t heaven come on
Earth if you toil for it? Share fun and
fill with enthusiasm… Demolish terror and
keep marching ahead… There’s nothing to gain in
treading the beaten tracks… Rewrite the history creating a path
of your own fighting the fate… Say yes to fight…
surge ahead… Jump the hurdles…
break the barricades… Come my friend, you’re late… Wage a war…it’s your duty… Boss! What happened? Didn’t it work out?
– No. I told you everything, what did he say? What can I do? He refused to
pay even Rs.200 forthis. But we bought it for Rs.300,
didn’t you tell him it’s unused? May be canteen needs it
for cutting vegetables. They too refused it.
– How? I wanted to give up the life of sidekick
and become a boss myself, I’m not getting the principle. I thought of selling knives to
pay you and become a boss. Selling knives can’t make you a boss
but brandishing them will. I tried that too. Give me money.
– How much? Whateveryou have. I asked what’s the price of this knife? Do I look like a knife seller?
-What else then? I’m a don of this area.
– Get lost! So I thought selling is better
than brandishing. Can’t you drive carefully please? Oh God! Khakha’s son! Did he also join this college? You made a mistake of
crossing my path. Never do it again. Boss! Boss, I’m known as ‘Boss’ Mohan here. ‘Sidekick’ Mohan…’Spoon’ Mohan… I’ll be youryes-man here. Hi Nidhi! Shall we go to the canteen? Let’s go to canteen
afterthe practical. Come. I’ve been trying to talk to you for long, what’s your problem to
accept me as a friend?-You! I know a lot of people
from my childhood, can they become my friends? Boss, you don’t feel, I didn’t hear
anything sister said now. Boss, you don’t feel, I didn’t hear
anything sister-in-law said now. Who is he?
You were talking tough. Idiot! Father earns millions and
these kids spend like water. Everyone is scared of them but nobody
dares to teach them a lesson. You’ve got scholarship seat,
please remember it. Be like good boys in college
without doing any mischief. Tillu’s friends must be like gentlemen. Never ogle at girls and tease them. Are you blind? Why are you staring at me? Who are you? He didn’t see you. Come on buddy. Still writhing with rage? Why did you stop me?
We should’ve beaten him. We are studying on scholarship, If we get into trouble,
it’ll make holes to our pockets. What’s this? Tillu’s technology, he has connected
cell phone camera to TV. Where is he? He’s on the terrace again.
-Again? Same situation but different name. How will she look like? She’s more beautiful than beautiful. Why do you need such a beautiful girl? I won’t say it. Don’t rush this time,
impress herfor 6 months, and them express your love. Already…
– Did you express it? What was her reaction? I told her normally, she reacted casually. Did she say, get lost? I’ll take care of her. Take care of her? I mean I’ll talk to her. Will you talk to her like
you did in the bus? No, this time I’ll talk with full clarity. Bloody idiot is drunk. Can I trust you? Talk to her carefully. He’ll be careful.
I trust him fully. He’s the man who will settle my life. She’s coming…coming… Which one?
– The red dress! What’s her name? Nidhi.
-What? Nidhi! Was she named at birth or
after she has grown up? You’re serious, aren’t you? Come here.
– Me? Yes, come here. Won’t you come? Then, I’ll come to you. Please…I feel shy. What’s this? What? It seems he expressed
his love foryou. Say yes. Is it a request? Please accept my love, I beg you…
I’ll fall at yourfeet…I’m black gold… Sister, you tell her, I’ll find you a good boy.
-Are you mad? Not madness but love. If you say yes, I’ll settle in life.
– Go! You don’t call it as request,
you call it as begging. Idiot! Though he’s not handsome,
he’s very good mentally. Say yes trusting me,
let’s discuss otherthings later. Okay, I’ll ask and inform you.
-Who? Yourfather? No, my boy friend. Cool, no problem on your side,
it’s on her side only. What? If you don’t have a boy friend,
is he okay to you? Isn’t it? He’s funny to make me smile.
But useless to love. Is this your clarity? I’m going ahead with
hope missing many, you dented my self confidence too.
-What actually? Tillu, stop! Why didn’t you tell me
you’ve a boy friend? Boy friend? My foot! Yesterday one and today two,
some day entire college will be after us, if we say we have a boy friend,
they will stop chasing you. Would I stop if she a boy friend? Her boy friend is from
another college, I’ll take care of her in this college. That’s Tillu’s policy. Shahrukh Khan in ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ and
Venkatesh in ‘Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav’, Bunny in ‘Aarya’ and
Tillu in Hyderabad University. What did they do? They trapped a girl with a boy friend.
That’s heroism. They are like heroes. Kasim chacha, 3 by 5 tea. I’m bringing. Kasim chacha, he may a canteen owner
but has great reach here. From students’ trouble to political settlements,
there’s nothing he can’t do it. Your prologue may make him
think I’m a mafia don. Well said, brother. Do you want a girl friend?
I don’t have girl friend myself. Is he your boy friend?
-What’s going on there? They are licking soles to get
Khakha’s son’s favour. Srinivasa Rao is the only man
to take on Khakha, he’s fully under his scanner now. Have you gone mad? It’s okay you left the ranks of Khakha, why did you join the ranks of Atma? Will you dare betray Khakha? There’s still time. Seek Khakha’s pardon, he’ll pardon you. Betraying is a character born
with a person, it’ll die with him. Purushotham, there’s no chance
of forgiving your brother. I’m making you an offer, will you go along with him
or stay back with me? I don’t believe in loyalty,
I trust the fear of me. Khakha, Srinivasa Rao will
be coming at any moment. If you think of past,
you can never go to future, this is past, forget it. I didn’t think you’ll come
accepting my invitation. I came to change your opinion. Please come in. Public money is all here. My wife Lakshmi. Greetings sir. She’s like an angel, we are surviving all the sins
because of such angels, right? Please come and have breakfast. Rahul, my son. Pulling chairs and offering seats,
all your habits. Shruthi, an elderly man is here, wish him. Your daughter? Lucky girl. Looks like she’s not after you. Why do you always oppose
whatever I do? I too don’t understand it, whenever I agitate against a bad thing,
invariably it’s you behind it. What do you gain if
my factory is closed down? Sometimes we do things
not just for profits, but we do it to avoid damages. Don’t you know how many are getting
affected because of yourfactory? Though you don’t like it
oryou may lose money, I’ll not sleep till I have
the factory closed down. Why unnecessary trouble at this age? You invited me for breakfast
and threatening me, I don’t get cowed by threats. You know I don’t have any enemies. If anything happens to me,
people know you’re behind it, If Govt. fails to take action
on you even after killing me, my party will lose the coming elections, when party faces the dilemma of making
choice between you or votes? Sorry, you’ll be wiped out. That’s it! Generally I make offers to others,
but you gave me an offertoday, you must happy. Aish was also great. What happened? I feel like my life is going away from me. Do one thing, go and hug her. Sometimes touch can generate
love where words fail. Listen to me, go ahead! May I’ll get thrashed
if anything goes wrong. She’s coming. If you delay this time,
you may miss her. I’m tensed. Am I not here?
– That’s what worries me. How can girls fall foryou? If you don’t dare,
no girl will care you. Nidhi too! What’s happening here? What happened? Nothing happened. Something has happened,
I must know it. You want to know? Listen, when I chase him down the
corridor as a drama, the climax is he must hug you
as if by accident, this is the plan. He ruined everything, idiot! I would’ve fallen,
just missed by a whisker. I would’ve become a bad man. What do you think of me? What’s there to think?
You’re already booked.-What? You’ve a boy friend, right? Isn’t it wrong to chase a girl
who has a boy friend? I told him that too,
what did you say? It seems your boy friend is from other college
and he’ll take care of you here. Didn’t you say it? Who said he’s from other college?
My boy friend is in this college only. This college?
-Who is he? Why should I tell you
who my boy friend is? Come. Your back is rocking
than yourfront! I didn’t believe when he said that.
You’re right. Are you planning for me
orforyourself? I’m totally confused with your clarity. I’ll enlighten you,
she doesn’t have any boy friend. Your line is clear. I’ll pave ways with great difficulty,
and you clearthem for me. I’ll set herforyou. Why are you scratching the plate? Some man would’ve scratched her. You’ve become wiser. How did you feel when you
were in love with dad? I’m still feeling for it.
– Me too. It seems a touch can convey in love
what 100 words can’t. Is it true?
-What happened to you? You’ll know it in future. It seems the 9 precious stones and
useless stones form a group. We have all joined in a group.
I’m asking you to know, boss, does sister-in-law talk to you only
or with others too? She’ll not talk to anyone,
if she evertalks it’s with me only. Go away… All this? So many girls have
talked to me like this. No use of making fools like us calling
you brother and her sister-in-law, and there sister-in-law is having
fun with another man. Brother, sister-in-law is very
close to another man. They held hands too. When you rejected me,
I thought you were traditional girl, but if you say you hate me,
I don’t care about your choice, it seems you’re holding hands
and talking to another man, No Nidhi, if it happens again. How many girls will you try?
Isn’t one enough foryou? Beat me. You chase whetherthey like or not.
You’ll never change. He didn’t see me. My bike has a flat tyre.
I’ve to reach home urgently. That’s all? Did you hear her? You get her bike ready,
I’ll drop Nidhi at home. Hold it…hold it…
what are you watching? I’ll lose my respect,
please hold it. Hold it. Little… You could’ve done it earlier. Nidhi, I’ll zip past 80 or 90 kms,
you don’t mind, do you? Old bike, starting problem. It’s shattered! Small change, you drop Nidhi at home,
I’ll fix the flat tyre. I mean I’ll fix and deliver it at home.
You go. That’s like a boss, started the bike,
raised the accelerator, Smoke bellowed out from silencer, he zipped past,
sister-in-law, suddenly applied brakes, brothertoo applied brakes,
bike screeched to a halt, raising dust, he gave sister-in-law a warning,
sister-in-law was shivering… Do I’ve to fearthis silly boy’s threats? Who cares if this shit head threatens? Who cares if this pig head threatens? Sister-in-law! Who is he?
– He’s Munna. He was holding sister-in-law’s
hands yesterday. Bloody girls! They raise hell if we brush
them little in buses, but here they are literally
in other’s arms. Boss, it’s Munna,
come let’s ask discount. No need boss. Come, your wish. What do you want? The best drink you can make,
if I like the drink, here’s yourtip. You’ll choke to death! You lit the fire and douse it. You need guts to face the best. Guts? You mean courage,
he doesn’t have it. Don’t look at me like that. Boss, look there. Why is he coming here? How come you’re here? She wanted to go to a party,
I said go, there will be rogues,
they will not spare us, she wanted me to accompany her.
So here I am. Mother promise, we are not regulars,
this is first time. Isn’t it boss? Come, let’s go.
Nothing short is staring at me. Are you blind? Come home.
– Coming daddy. Your reputation is ruined, I think it’s
time to show you’re Khakha’s son. You? Are you working here? Why? Shouldn’t I?
– Not like that… Isn’t it difficult to manage
college and job? What you like is never difficult.
What do you want? My father! Daddy, he’s… Is he the same tall & handsome Munna
you talk about every day? Why are you talking about it now?
-Why would she talk about me? A celebrity is here to date
blindly with a lucky man. The beauty will dance with the man
on whom this spot light stops. Let’s see who is that man! Shining moon…entwine me… Take my beauty…O warrior! Take me…see me…
Enchant me…O braveheart! Seeing your sultry beauty… I’m waiting foryou laying bait… After seeing your beauty…
I thought of jumping the fence… Your body…till the dawn… Play the game of love with me… Coming into my dreams…. Why are you playing mischief? In your haste, you’ve agitated me… O my love, I’ve seen a fire in you… With you the nights are all on fire… I like these love games with you… With stinging eyes…
you’ve arrested me… I swear on you….
you’ve taken over me… I was in love with myself… Today I’m yourfan,
it’s your mercy… Come, I’ll give…
– I’ll come… I’ll give myself to you… Greetings sir. Like Athreya said death will
not come till we are there, when it comes we are not there.
Remember it. What? Atma! You’re a history sheeter
who can’t even brush teeth without signing in the police station. Who doesn’t know you? What brings you so early
in the morning? Not to meet you but to join you sir. I came out of party to stay away
from goons and criminals. You’re against Khakha,
I want to help you fight… I’m not just against Khakha,
but you also and all like you. You’ve opened an illegal
weapons shop in old city. After Khakha, you’ll be my target. I know you’re straight forward,
but don’t put your life in danger. Throw him out.
– Go out How dare you threaten me
in my own home. Yesterday’s party was great! But girls were smoking and drinking
along with boys, I don’t like it. I came with my dad. May be he doesn’t believe you. What’s your opinion about me? Ask opinion before doing anything.
-What have I done? You’ve fallen in love. O God! Why did I lie about
having a boy friend? What’s the trouble? Who are you to ask me? Who are these people then? Watch the fun along with them silently. He hit me in the pub yesterday, I held his collar without
knowing it was him. Do you need so many people
to beat one man, can’t you do anything without these
people standing behind you? You mean he’s scared
of them not me? Okay, I’ll come alone.
Come…ask him to come. Are you scared? You got angry when he
touched your girl friend, why did you take a step
backward on seeing him? Is it okay to touch your girl friend
if he’s powerful than you? Real anger will not come from
opponent’s weakness or strength, It must come from the
fire raging inside us. May be he’ll not react unless
his girl friend is near, ask his girl friend to come here. His battery will charge up. Nobody in this university will
dare see into my eyes. How dare you wantonly
hit my girl friend! What did you say? Battery charging? Come, I’m charged now. Beat me! Beat me…beat me… Beat me…beat me… Beat me…beat me… Beat me… Never underestimate anyone’s strength, only the beholder knows
his true strength. You’ve underestimated me,
do you know who I’m? Who are you? You were born to a man
with 2 hands, 2 legs, one nose, one mouth and a body, his name is Khakha,
what the hell he can do! Why are you limping? I fell in college while
playing basketball. If someone beats you, they’ll say
I’ve beaten Khakha’s son Rahul. Who? Who beat you? Didn’t beat me but
got me beaten up. May be he doesn’t know
Rahul is your son. He got me beaten up
knowing it very well. Who is he? You’re handsome. Every man will dream of becoming a
college hero beating few guys, but you made a mistake,
you got Khakha’s son beaten up. I can kill and throw your body here
for what you’ve done, but we don’t get anything from it. Come to college tomorrow & say sorry
to Rahul before the entire college. Khakha will spare your life. He’ll give you an opportunity to live. What? You got me? Did you get that I haven’t got you? Are you worshiping him
in police station? Thrash him in the lock-up. I would’ve done it,
had he come alone. Who else is with him? He’s leader of students now. Where will he go away? I’ll charge fake case on…
– CI is there? – Srinivasa Rao has come… Rao saheb, he’s Munna. Why did you arrest him? There was a trouble in the
hostel last night sir. The trouble was between him
and Khakha’s men, where are those goons?
You don’t have guts to arrest them. First arrest them,
I’ll send him to you.- Okay sir. You’ve turned against Khakha
wittingly or unwittingly, but it provoked few people
to dare think about Khakha. Have you come here to play
politics with the incident? I’ve courage to thrash him
in this police station. I don’t think yesterday’s
incident will help people. This is a personal fight
between me and Khakha. Munna, Lord Rama killed Ravana
for Seetha only, that’s his personal fight, but Ravana’s death ended an evil
and world was happy, and Lord Rama became a God. Remember it. Munna started as college student and
has now backing of Srinivasa Rao, If we still leave him…
-What will you do? If we concentrate on boys like him,
we make him a force to reckon with, leave him for now, we have to think about Srinivasa Rao,
who’s checkmating our every move. Called me? What’s that nasty call? Hero, Handsome, Tarzan, Alexander,
I don’t like all this. Call me with new names.
– Get lost idiot! I love you only. Rakshita said this to
Ravi Teja, you know? Go away, you fool! You’ve become a hero suddenly. You made a man to beat in college,
thrashed goons in hostel, a mass following in station,
university is agog about you. Munna, it’s good to say but
scary to think about it. Aren’t you scared?
-Why? Why?!
– Kill me…that’s all, isn’t it? The fear our opponent might
kill us is his strength. If we are fearless,
he’ll start fearing us. Whatever it is, you look new to me. You don’t look like the Munna
I saw till yesterday. You talk newly. In a way you’re very attractive.
You know? What? Attractive? Don’t tell your boy friend about this,
he may feel bad. Munna, I want to tell you a truth.
– Go ahead. I’ve split with my boy friend. When Nidhi is so serious,
why are you giggling? Nidhi, nevertake such decisions hastily,
you’ll become bad. What’s bad in it? What will people think about you?
-What will they think? They will think you’re
a second hand case. What? Look, if your parents’ choice
of groom rejects you, they will say a proposal failed, but if your selected boy friend backs off, they will say he dumped you, listen to me and settle
with him somehow. Hey! I want to settle with you! Will you come my dear?
Will you kiss me passionately? He asks me this everyday… Are you turning the tables on me? You said I’m with you
but claim I said it… My mischievous youth… It’s fasterthan you… My fiery eyes…
– It’s too hot for me… What a handsome man! For present and future,
you’re my heart’s treasure… To cheer up when I say
you’re handsome… He’s on cloud nine… You’re just an average beauty
but wish to play on me… The young sari ditched me…
Help the tears… There’s nothing to get agitated,
You must make me fall foryou… You must bend, break and
drown me in your sea of love… That boy…. How handsome he is! He dazzled me! Though I fulfill his every desire… But he still insists
he doesn’t have it for me… You are a turncoat…
You’ve a Machiavelli in you… When the spotlight of
romance is calling… You must come without
any hesitation under it… When you aim the arrow of flower
and release it… Even tough guy like me
must fall into your lap… When I release the arrows of flowers,
man like him must fall for me… I’ll come and kiss you…. I’ll come and give myself to you… Thank God, the boy has changed… Hugged me and he’s in my arms… Your mischievous youth… Fasterthan me… My fiery eyes…
– It’s too hot for me… What a beauty! If not today at least tomorrow,
you’re my life’s love treasure… Atma is on line. What?
Have you called to threaten me? Elderly man, you scold us and
we must take it humbly. Anyway I’m neither equal to you nor
have a grouse against you for enmity, I came to know you’ve ordered for
a CBI inquiry on Khakha’s factory, I’ve many evidences against it,
I’m not asking this to spare me, I’m telling you this because
Khakha mustn’t be spared, you want to close the factory
in the interest of people, and I want to finish Khakha. I’m alone and toothless
against Khakha, you’ll also be toothless
without any evidence. Okay, what’s your deal? Munna, they have killed Srinivasa Rao! Stop…stop….stop… Shells of the bullets fired.
I found them here. Government approved bullets. Note the numbers and find who
was issued these bullets, and inform me immediately. There are accusations of your
involvement in Srinivasa Rao’s murder, your comment? It’s fashion to accuse anything
happening here on Khakha. Srinivasa Rao and I had very
close personal relationship, the enmity between us
was of ideological only, not to the extent of going for
each other’s neck. I’m one amongst the first
to mourn his death. Khakha killed him sir, entire state knows the
rift between them, What guarantee is there
you’re not involved in it? You too have a rift with Srinivasa Rao. He could’ve killed you too. He spared to implicate me
in this murder. If he had killed me,
Khakha would be sitting in my place. Srinivasa Rao has good
nature of helping others, he told us that if he’s killed
I’ll be blamed for it. He had a fight with Atma
and helped us. We killed him but people are
confused whether it’s me or Atma. People will forget when this
first page news goes to fifth page. We should’ve killed Atma too. If we had killed him
police would come for my neck. What brings you here ACP? Arrest warrant has been issued on you
for Srinivasa Rao’s murder. When did your dept. get
courage to arrest me? We know we don’t have it,
though we knew it was yours, that’s why we handed overthe shells
from the scene of murderto you.- Then? 4 bullets were fired.
We found only 3. But another man has filed a case
bringing in the fourth bullet. Who is he?
– Munna! Release Atma. It seems you’ll not get bail
by tomorrow morning. Media people are waiting outside. Keep the vehicle at the back door. I want to meet him…Munna! There’s one thing in you
which I like the most, and one more thing
which I can’t tolerate. What everyone fears is
nothing to you, I like your guts. What I can’t tolerate is
that I’m that nothing. Who are you? A loser! A loser who failed to kill you
in two attempts. May I take you to the past? I thought you were in there,
but weren’t there. Second time… I thought you died but
you survived the attack. I was behind that attack too. What next? Got scared? Then I came to know, instead of killing, I realized that you
must know who your killer is, that’s more important to me. You wouldn’t have survived
had ljust wanted revenge, I want to punish you. Munna, the moment you
came here you died. But before you die,
tell me what have I done to you? Have you forgotten the dirty work
you did 18 years ago so easily? Khakha alias Kamalakar! How do you know my real name? You’re the man who named me.
Didn’t get me? You gave birth to your death. I’m your son! Going away from you I spent every moment
of my life planning to kill you, and today I’m sitting before you. I can kill you right now, but my 18 year old fire of revenge
will not cool down, you sent a message of sparing
my life with him, right? I’m sparing your life, go alive! From today you’ll live
dying a death every moment. I’ll make you feel death
is easierthan facing me. I’ll not do anything from today that
can make you feel I’m your son, Bloody Bastard! I’ll make you cry it. Bye! It seems someone has warned
Khakha in his own den, It seems he got him arrested. He’s none otherthan Khakha’s son. Come in, Com missioner!
Status of Khakha’s case? There’s a missing complaint lodged a week
priorto incident about gun & bullets. What about Munna? All we know is he’s son of Khakha. At last we have someone
to take on Khakha. Let’s stay out of this.
– Okay sir. If Munna manages to finish Khakha,
a headache will vanish forever. If Khakha manages to finish Munna,
things will be back to normal past. People are more concerned about
what you told him than going to him. I’m totally confused. We too feel you’re new. Though we were close
to you all these days, now we know how far
we were actually. You didn’t value ourfriendship
to share your past. I didn’t undervalue you,
it was forthat man. Khanapur Beat him! Sir please no…I beg you sir,
why are you beating him? Don’t you know? Waited like a scheming jackal
till we got harvest money, charmed us with his sweet talk
about millions & schemes, he took away our money, but now he says he lost everything. We have little children, I beg you sir, he may die, please leave him. Never step into this place again, go away. Stop it. Though it’s not a sin to kill him, we don’t want to face the
curse of a woman, Come, let’s go. Why do you get the bad idea
of making money easily? What’s this public thrashing? They spared you because
of me and children. Please reform at least now. Stop crying, they are gone. Why are you still sitting here? Do you want them to
come back for me? We must leave this place by dawn. How many more places
will you change? You mean is it okay to you
if they kill me? Come with me. Achanta Mahesh, I’m scared, he went
early morning to get medicines, but hasn’t come back yet, bring yourfather wherever he is.
– Okay mother. You want to know why I came to
village after 20 years of city life? Why else? To take you all to the city. What would we do there leaving
our homes and fields here? Crops are drying away,
we are losing lives, though unable to live,
we mustn’t die, must we? If you stay back here, you will die. But in city, chit funds, big malls,
hotels, readymade cloth stores, hospitals near neighbourhoods,
how happy they are. But they have only one shortage,
no girls to work, they believe village girls
are very good workers. Do you want us to send
our girls to city to work? Do you want us to live
on their earnings? Get lost! Come I say. Stop this orthodox beliefs. Instead of committing suicides
to save your self respect, it’s betterto use our brain cleverly
and change our lives. Shouldn’t girls work? What’s wrong if they work? Work…money for work… Anyway we are destined to rot here,
but our children shouldn’t rot here. What should we do to work in city?
– Good question! Interested girls fill this form
and pay just Rs.100 only. I’ll change your lives! Mother, father is… I’ll make a phone call.
– Okay. Greetings sir, I’m Kamalakar here, inform Dubai Sheikh, tomorrow 6 girls
are coming to Hyderabad. Village commodity is fresh. I’m not happy with old rates. I’ve taken a lot of pain,
you must pay my price. I’m hungry, serve food. Why are you sitting unmoved
like a dumb? Is she sleeping?
– She’s dead! Dead? Yes, she’s dead, we can tell
once to humans, how can I tell you? I deserve this fortrusting you,
why should they face this? I ruined my life marrying you.
You killed my daughter. Shut up! She was fated to live for
5 years only and died, if you want another daughter,
sleep with me, I’ll give you, a healthier daughterthan her. Open the door!
– Break open the door! Come out man! My daughter is dead! My daughter has left me! For cheating you,
God has taken my daughter. Please kill me, but spare
my wife and children. I beg you sir, I tried to cheat
your daughters. People like me shouldn’t live,
please kill me. Kill me….please kill me sir. How dare you tried to sell our girls! Your daughter’s death has saved your life, afterthe funeral if you don’t
leave this place, we’ll bury you next to
your daughter’s grave. Come, let’s go. Don’t touch me… Don’t touch me or my children. You’re a demon who sells others’ children. I committed a sin marrying you.
Our relationship is snapped today. Leave us alone. Go away! If you go away, why should I live? Whatever I’ve done,
I did it foryou only. You want me to get him well educated,
how can I do it? I’ve cheated people foryour sake. Look, I’ll give up everything
if you don’t like it, I swear on my daughter. I’ll give up everything,
let’s go to the city. Listen to me, let’s live happily, Living honestly.
Please listen to me. Hyderabad Get down…come.
You both…you go on madam, you both stay here, I’ve little work.
– Okay. Be careful. I got the job.
– Got it? Where? What’s your job? It’s a small job, to live in this big city
or put him in school, it’s not enough if I work,
you must also work. I’ll do any work, I don’t mind working hard
for our good life.- Okay, come. I’ll carry it. Son, you stay here,
I’ll go upstairs with your mother. Okay.
– Come. Greetings boss. I’ve brought her. Boss, you’ve seen her,
can’t you rise the price little? It’s enough, you may go. What’s this?
– I’ve sold you. What? You challenged to live
without me, didn’t you? So I don’t need you anymore,
so I’ve sold you. Take her away. Come. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Leave my mother. Leave my mother…mother! Mother…mother… Mother! Mother…mother… Mother…mother… Mother… Hey stay put there! Catch that bastard! Stop…stop… Come on boys! Till now we shared
happiness and sorrows, let’s share the revenge too. No, till now it was different, now the situation is different. The end may be his death or mine, this is my personal rivalry,
please stay out of it. We grew up together
without any personal life, we were together
through thick and thin, we lived together and
we shall live together. Though you don’t want us,
we need you. I know how many lives Khakha has
wiped out to reach this position. They all need you. If Khakha is fearsome to them, Munna must become their courage. Munna, you’re not safe here anymore, come to my neighbourhood, stay in my home. Tell me. You delivered powerful dialogues,
look I’ve come out clean. I expected this. What have you achieved then? In those 7 hours of fear
you spent in jail. I introduced you to the man
you fear Munna. Not fear but I’m sad son, I neverfelt sad for killing people
to reach top, but today I’m sad, why did I miss to kill you early? But I’ll not let this sadness prolong. When you know he’s your son,
why are you after him? Daring to advice me? I told you many times you’re just
a need to my body and my home, remain quiet. Kill him at the first opportunity. My son’s gory death must
instill fear in others. We are fearing Khakha’s retaliation
ever since you challenged him. All he take from me is my life, all I’ll leave for him is his life only, I’ll destroy anything that has Khakha’s
name and is strength to me. How? His source of power is his money.
This factory gives him that. Though it’s a pharmaceutical
company on paper, it’s the head quarters of
South India’s drug business. The chemical effluents from it
is dumped into the lake next to it, this has polluted the ground water, using the polluted water has resulted
many in losing their limbs. People are dying silently fearing to
come out openly against Khakha. If this factory is closed, he’ll become
vulnerable losing financial power, that’s why he killed anyone
opposing the factory. whether it’s Srinivasa Rao
or press people, if we can prove that ground water is
contaminated with pollutants from factory. How will you do it? I want to meet yourfather. Everything will go as you plan. You’ve my full support. Munna has just entered the area. Just turned the road corner. Hey alert! He’s coming. If one misses, the next will try, kill him. He crossed just now, he’s coming. I know cell phones are cheaper. But I’ll get doubt if someone
talks from it sleeping on road. Brother, I don’t know anything, they told me to inform
when you cross me. How many of you are here? Why did you come here? Kill him! Please…kill him!
If he lives, we’ll die. Please… Brother…
-Where is he? Why are you worried forthis? You’ve seen many like him, haven’t you? I haven’t seen. I haven’t seen anyone like him till now. All you want is harm Munna, that’s all? Aren’t we here?
Isn’t the party behind you? Isn’t the department with you? May be he’ll get shivers
if we kill anyone nearto him. He saw his mother dying, when anyone nearto him dies,
he’ll not shiver in fear, he’ll get enraged! Khakha, 2 people are sick drinking
ground water near ourfactory, its news report. Is it necessary now? When a man is crying seeing
his house burning, it seems someone else was also crying
for burning something else. Let him also get the same treatment. Everything went on as you said. But the news came on page 3
in a small column. It wasn’t even flashed on
tickers of TV channels. I’ll talk to the press. You’ve all been invited and I’ll give
you a news you didn’t ask for. will you dare publish it? Tell me. You can’t publish, you’re scared. The reporter who wrote yesterday
on page 3 is still missing. Your colleague who was under my
protection since the news came, whether it’s good or bad,
people know it from you, you’ve to encourage people
to fight injustice bravely, if one of you writes against him,
he’ll kill, what if you all write together? I’m behind you all for every step
you take against him. You give the news that
can shock Khakha, we’ll give him a headache
with our headlines. Chacha, kill one of the
two patients in hospital. Two patients are our Ranjan & Tillu.
– Then, Tillu will die tomorrow. There is criticism that the
man who died today is just a sample of
Khakha’s polluted factory… Your comment? Why don’t you take action on the
factory that’s killing people? You know, how much Srinivasa Rao
struggled to close the factory, don’t you? That’s why he died.
– Is it? What are you writing?
We’ll think of something, first stop writing. Are your queries over? Bye. No, there are many more,
please sit down. Do you know anything about the dead? He’s…somebody known as Tillu. I offer condolences for his death.
Take it down. Do you know, he’s very sharp?
Write down. As a Minister what’s your reaction to
the issue concerning your dept.? The law will take its own course,
we needn’t bother about it. Are you paying any
compensation to the dead? On behalf of the Government Rs.5 lakhs, and Rs.10 lakhs on behalf of the factory Are you worried about rift developing
between party & Khakha overthis action? Our party isn’t scared of anyone. By the way, what action have
you proposed to take? I mean now… An inquiry commission has
been instituted on ourfactory. Factory will be seized till the
findings of the inquiry is filed. Accept you’re scared at least now,
it won’t look nice. Do you know snakes
and ladders game? Your life is also like that. Carefully climb using the ladders, but you’ll get only
snake bites from now. Every snake’s name is Munna. Do you think only I’m happy over
the closure of yourfactory? Listen to this… People don’t know Munna
is behind my downfall, if they know he’ll become a leader, every minute he’s alive is bad…. From today you’ll live
dying a death every moment. He must die. But anger isn’t enough to
kill a man like Munna. We need a plan. I want his every movement
recorded from morning to night. Khakha’s downfall has started. Munna is dismantling his foundation. I want to meet him. Why did you bring us here?
It’s crowded. Why will it not be? There are many Tillus in Hyderabad, they make a phone call with one rupee
and we come like fools. They order and we pay the bill, they spend just a rupee
and we spend Rs.1000. But it’s unavoidable to spend on girls. How are you? Nidhi? You? Here? What a great union! Don’t overact, you’re 30 minutes late. Was it all arranged by you? You clear off… I forgot my cell in the bike.
– I’ve the keys, wait, I’ll come. The girl on the side table
is great if you try… If you don’t like me,
say openly to leave.- Okay, leave. You sent away all my friends,
what’s the matter? With every passing day,
I begin to like you more. Don’t let it grow. Look, the Munna you met was
different from what I’m now. In the present situation I may live
or die, there’s no guarantee. I don’t want you to get affected
between me and Khakha. Leave me alone. Repeat what you said just now. I don’t remember it. I remember it, I don’t want you to get affected
between me and Khakha. That’s what you said, right?
Right! This is Khakha. I don’t want you to get affected
between me and Khakha. If Khakha… …dies… You like me.
– I didn’t mean like that. You meant like that.
– I didn’t mean like it. You meant like that.
– No. Stay by your word. You may not know it,
but you love me very much. O heart, you see and tell me… My heart wants to tell you something…. All these days I wasn’t like this… Today I’m dying with
unknown excitement… O my silver moon… Have I become part of you?
May I become your light? O my silver moon… May I imprint my image
in your beautiful eyes? May I become your iris? Trusting you’re my life partner,
I became a part of you slowly… With you an eon also
becomes a moment… Do you know this? You’ve changed my heart…
changed my relationship… O my silver moon…
You raked up passions in me… May I become a star on your cheeks?
May I arrest you with my eyes? O my silver moon…
May I come before you like a motif? May I drown you in kisses?
May I take you in my arms? The singing bird…
Has come into my nest willfully… It told about yourtale… My heart silently enjoyed
those moments of joy… I met you…
I forgot about me… O my silver moon…
I came to you… I dreamed about you… I expressed my love… O my silver moon… My life is in your heart beat… Trust me I’m yours… People say I’m the Ione man
standing against Khakha, but you’ve overtaken me. Do you know why? I’m still thinking of beating Khakha. But you’ve beaten him. You don’t need people like Kasim now,
you need men like me. Who needs whom?
You or me? People like you never
go to help anyone, you go to others seeking help. Today you’ve come to me, if anyone comes tomorrow to beat me,
you’ll go to him. But I don’t need anyone’s
help to beat Khakha. You’re underestimating Khakha. I’m not a goon to take
measured steps. I’m a student,
I do anything passionately. Anyway thanks for coming
so farto help me. Sorry for rejecting your offer. Every enemy of ours is meeting Munna. There’s a talk that we two
are at loggerheads. They think… His strength is we don’t know
anything about him. And he knows everything about us. Make it true that you’re against
me for killing your brother, Munna will not make an ally
of anyone against me, but he’ll not spare anything
that comes out from me. He’ll come,
bump him off at right time. Nobody can judge Khakha’s plans. We need someone who
can think like him. One such man is ready
to join forces with you. Who is he? Purushotham. Where? Tell me. This is a plan to bump you off. There’s a gun underthe table,
pick it up. Stop it boys! Guns down. Tillu, start the car. You missed a golden chance,
he’s Munna! Everything went as perthe plan, but I don’t know how he got
a gun in the last moment. He hasn’t forgotten the past. You’ve committed grave mistake. First time I saw fear in Khakha’s eyes. You’re his fear. He killed my brother… I don’t care about what transpired
between you and Khakha, You know Khakha,
that’s enough for me. Greetings
– Greetings. Come in. 8 bullets. 6 bullets. A gun and 6 bullets are not
enough to kill Khakha. Take me along with you.
I’ll be helpful. I’m not a friend to join you
or enemy to reject you. You’re up against Khakha, be careful. What is Atma doing there? That’s Atma’s hideout. We lost hope after Srinivasa Rao’s death. But when we came to know you
helped in closing the factory, we came to meet you. The factory will not be
closed as you expect. Though inquiry commission
has recommended closure, Minister hasn’t signed the order. Khakha’s another big strength
is his political support, that’s my next target. Fix an appointment with him. Minister is Khakha’s man,
he’ll not meet us. Anyway you’ll not meet me,
so I fixed this meeting. Go on highway. It seems you refused to sign
factory closure orders. Would I sign at gun point? May be you’ll after seeing this,
shall we try it? No Khakha, factory has become
a major issue, matter has reached CM, you know about him, don’t you? Are you worried about
the inquiry commission? Though they submit the report,
I’m the finalizing authority. I’ll take care of it.
You be patient. Take it as yourfactory is
closed for holidays. It seems you’ve laid
a new layout in Madhapur, may I gift 2 acres of it as
dowry for my daughter? Are you planning to join Khakha
after losing Ministry? Khakha always tells me risky jobs. If I do the same job for others, I can make ten times more. I help him but he looks down
on me like a dog. What if someone kills Khakha? If I pay Rs.20 millions to Munna,
he’ll kill him, my headache will go forever. Will you answer my question?
– Go ahead. Where did you keep the camera? I offer my condolences.
Take it down. It seems the boy is sharp,
write it down. Keep this CD as my gift,
I’ve 100 copies of it, if it reaches any TV channel,
you & your Govt. will come down. Neitheryou nor anyone should lend
political support to Khakha. Now you’ll the closure order, won’t you? It’s Munna’s phone call, isn’t it? Yes. 18 years of my hardwork
is going to the dogs. I bumped off anyone
going against me. I was over confident who’ll dare
take on me, but a man dared. My son! The burning ball of fire Sun has
come down to earth… Raining fire… Even snow sweated with his heat… A lightning has become
ray of hope in dark night… A man came… He struck like a thunder… He’ll take everything into his fist… He’s ready to wage war at anytime… He’ll go out and wage
a no-holds-barred war… They have a small land in Kondapur,
Pandu has usurped it. How can they live? We are unable to bear eve teasing. He strikes like a wind storm… He raises and drowns you
like a cyclone… Where there’s injustice,
he appears to correct it… He’s a friend in need…
He wipes yourtears… When he’s angry,
feartoo fears him… Talk. Ranju, tell that area’s SI
to talk to me. Munna, someone’s here. Tell me. I love a man and
I want to marry him. If my father comes to know this,
he’ll kill him. How can I help you? My father’s name is Khakha. I don’t want to get involved
in yourfamily affair. Ourfamily affair. Your…yourfamily affair. Khakha family affair. I don’t have anyone to claim my own.
I don’t want to hear also. I’ve no any wish of re-establishing
with such links too. My only relationship is
Khakha’s dissemination. That is keeping me alive.
You can go. We are not here to tell you
to forget the past, We came to you because
Khakha fears you. You may think I’m in your
mother’s place. I’m bearing the torture which
your mother should’ve borne. We are like orphans there
as you were all these years. In a way you’re happy living
with people you like. He cheated your mother
for his growth, but today to save his falling
evil empire, he wants my daughterto
marry another man. If it happens, she’ll die. If she dies, I’ll also die. Nobody was there to save you then, but today we have come
to you with hope. We are not claiming you
as our own for a favour, we came for help thinking
you’re one of us. What is his name? Come out! It seems you went to him and told that you love someone
and wish to marry him. Who is he? Where can I find him? Are you scared I’ll kill him? I’m confident you can’t touch
him even if I tell. Then, tell me. I don’t know. Who knows? My brother knows. No… Not this brother, that brother. I want to kill you for going to him. If I do, it means I’ve lost.
I want to win over him. I must win. Shruthi and I are uniting with your help. I didn’t call to tell,
you should love me or I love you, But one thing is true,
I’m in Khakha’s house for loving you. It seems Khakha has brought me here
to get me married to Rahul. If it happens, I’ll kill myself. You were born out of
my boredom. If you can think like a criminal,
I’m a born criminal and yourfather. As you wish my daughter will
marry the man with you, but Nidhi who loves you will
marry Rahul as I wish, this is my invitation to you. Come to the marriage! Only Rahul’s marriage will
go on as scheduled, Way to here is besieged with our men
the way he comes with the groom, Munna will not reach
here at any cost Greetings Khakha. Why have you come so late Sathibabu? I got late to pick up
few close relatives. You didn’t expect
I’ll come like this, did you? Don’t imagine how I’ll go out from here. Are you VIP’s to sit in front seat?
Get up! Sir, you sit here. Why is he so confident? Where is Rahul?
– In his room. Tighten the security.
– Okay. You can go.
– Stop Will you also check me?
Come on, check me thoroughly! You also come…come. What are you looking at?
It’s a spoon! Everyone is checking me,
you also check me, come. Checking even spoons and pens.
Congrats brother, are you marrying? Why are you marrying? I love Nidhi. No, because Khakha hates Munna. What is Munna to you?
– Nothing. If by a quirk of fate Khakha
compromises with Munna, and declares he’s his son,
what will he be to you? Elder brother. For sister-in-law? Brother-in-law.
– No, he’ll become her lover. Munna will live in your home. Khakha uncle will go to factory,
you’ll roam with sidekicks like us, sister-in-law will be
at home doing nothing, Munna will also not do anything,
he’ll have only one job… Oh sister-in-law’s waist!
I shouldn’t see. Brother-in-law?
-What? Pain!
-Where? Here! Here? Little up. Here? Little further up. Here? What should I do?
– Rub! What?
– Balm! What if anyone sees us? My husband is not in home. Isn’t there anyone at home? Nobody will come. Isn’t there anyone at home? Then, come! Had a bad dream?
You will have it now. If you marry Munna’s girl,
he’ll feel bad. If you marry a girl who loves Munna,
you’ll feel all your life. I’ll oversee marriage arrangements. Khakha uncle makes many
offers to many people, what if he makes a bumper
offer of Nidhi to Munna? What will be your position? Fetch the groom. They want the groom there.
– I’ll not marry her. Why? Are you confused?
– I’ll not marry her. Uncle…uncle…
-What? Rahul is refusing to marry Nidhi. Auspicious time is elapsing,
come and tie the knot. I can tie the knot in a minute, but I may have to live with
the trouble all my life. I’ll not marry her. Marriage is going on there,
why not this side? Isn’t it? That bride’s brother is super man. This bride’s lover is great man. Who are they both? You thought they were two men, right? No, it’s one man. If your discussion is over,
come down, you’ve to bless my sister. Uncle, bless them. You didn’t expect I’ll leave
with her, did you? I’ll also come with you. Don’t look at me, I see helplessness in your eyes. I spent my life in tears
as your wife till now, I can’t stay here & lose the opportunity
of becoming Munna’s mother. I lost my mother and
sister because of you, today I got them back because of you. It’s your mistake to lose
what you got, it’s my habit to get back
what I had lost. Losing always is yourtrend but
you too have won once, you challenged to get
Nidhi married to your son, It’s sure to happen. Oh God! Your waist is enchanting… The fold on it is captivating… May I offeryou the job
of singing lullabies? May I offer job of putting a child to sleep? Your beauty is ravishing… I’m going mad to do something,
later it’s your will and wish.. What’s wrong if I’m tempting you? Who else can get so lucky
otherthan you to get me? I’ve never seen so beautiful and
wonderful thing so closely… Let’s build a bridge of passion
between our lips with lips? Let’s enjoy the bliss of love with
our union in romance… I’m not able to hold myself… It’s ready to pounce on seeing
your sari slipping down… Come, let’s commit the carnal sin… Age of youth is mischievous,
it wants new experiences… How am I to tell you that I’ll fulfill
everything you want and need? I hungry for it, satiate it…
First time I’m feeling this need… You must do it everytime
I ask for it… Bye mother.
– Bye Come Purushotham. You told me to meet Malakpet SI. Munna left just now,
black Scorpio 2255. Going to Necklace road,
all are there. Why are you silent Tillu?
Didn’t find any new girl? Find one, I’ll set herforyou. I beg you keep off it, what you’ve
done is more than enough. I’ll do it myself. He’ll be my mentor! We lived together and
will live together. Tillu will die tomorrow. Come in Munna, come Kasim. What happened Munna? I told you we must kill Khakha.
Look, what he has done now. Just say yes, we’ll kill Khakha.
-Why did you betray? Tillu is dead!
-What? Tillu is dead, do you know? Why did you betray? Yours, mine and Munna’s target
is the same man. I don’t find anything wrong in
all three joining to kill him. Munna will not join you.
– I know it. If Munna kills Khakha,
you’ll be just a yes-man to him, If you join me,
you’ll become an equal partner. If Khakha kills Munna,
you’ll die the next moment. Khakha is totally focused on Munna. This is the right time to kill Khakha. Munna will kill me if ljoin you. Then, let’s kill Munna too. Look, here growing in stature is
important than survival. Anyone becoming a stumbling block
of our growth must be eliminated. Whether it’s Khakha or Munna. I made only one mistake
in trusting you. I made a mistake, please forgive me. Even God forgives
if we accept our mistakes. It’s to be decided between
you and God, my job is to send you to Him. What happened? He planned to kill us with Atma. Why did Kishen attacked us? You’re underestimating Khakha. You’re taking on Khakha.
Be careful! What happened? It means Khakha created his enemy. Atma and Khakha are together. I introduced you to the world
as my sworn enemy. To make my enemies come to you
oryou must go to them, Purushotham’s brother came to me. Srinivasa Rao… We eliminated every enemy,
but you failed miserably in killing Munna. He has grown powerful
and strongerthan you. Not just me,
he’s more powerful than you. Munna is no ordinary man,
he killed Kishen, killed Purushotham, he would’ve told him about me
before breathing his last, He’ll come for me now. If Purushotham had told him,
he’ll come foryou. If hasn’t told him anything,
he’ll come for me. But he’ll come. Let him come. Let’s kill him. Let him come for anyone of us,
he’ll get only death from his father. I made a mistake Atma, If I had accepted you and joined you,
I wouldn’t have lost my friend. Purushotham double crossed me
and cheated me. I told you earliertoo, you need
a man like me to kill Khakha. I realized it today only. I’m not doing all this for money
orfor public support, I want to destroy Khakha. Atma, you want Khakha’s head and
we too need the same. If he dies, you’ll be the next Khakha. If I’ll get into his shoes, then Khakha
will be before you in 24 hours. Have you got all our men?
-All are here only. Munna, I’ve brought Khakha, come out. What a great plan! Atma, should I say thanks
or sorry to you? I know you both are hand in glove
with each other. But I must thank you. Because had you not met me yesterday, I wouldn’t have got the
thought of becoming Khakha. I don’t care whetheryou
kill him or leave him. But if you turn towards me,
I know I’ll not live a moment too, Boys! Come out! Kill him! They are my men. I trusted you. I can quote 1000 reasons
fortrusting me, can you give me one reason
why I should trust you? If I knew you would become like this,
I would’ve killed you as a child. Your mother always insisted on educating
and teaching you many things, I didn’t care then. Now I’ll teach you, listen, the man who has the gun
at the right time will win, Now I’ll win. Made in Italy, 6 bullets! Nobody can kill me.
– Then fire! You crushed humans and their
beliefs to come up in life, the moment your most trusted
man betrayed you, you died the very moment. Even the gun betrayed you. yourtrusted men like Atma, Kishen,
Purushotham, your wife, your daughter, your political support,
all have left you alone. Your life is a dog’s life now
without anyone of your own. Men know how they climb
the ladder of success, but never know how their
downfall comes, but I made you see hell in
every step you came down, I told you then that I’ll make you
feel death is easierthan living. Enjoy it! Bad dream is over. Elections are coming, we need Munna. Call him fortalks. He’ll not come sir. Is he becoming another Khakha? No sir, Khakha was most feared man, but Munna is people’s courage.

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  4. I love this movie.. I don’t know why this movie did an average business like Yogi movie. But Prabhas acting is super in both movies, he looks stylish and handsome, I love his new hairstyle and look. If they released Munna and Yogi this year, it would have been a blockbuster.

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