Moon 83% Lit in the ESE Sky – Nikon P1000 Camera

Well hello there, today is Monday January
6th, 2020 up here in Northeastern Ohio and we have an 83% moon rising over here in
the east-southeast sky and right now we’re on the Nikon P1000 go in a bit okay and we’re recording onto the Atomos Ninja Flame and using the SkyWatcher telescope mount to track the moon, and we
can see some clouds going over top of it but let’s go in a bit further and see how it looks oh those craters aren’t coming in too bad even with those clouds going over it and I wanted to do this the other day
but we haven’t had the sky conditions to see anything but clouds, but we’re just
gonna stroll around here, okay there we go we’re at our max zoom, and we’ll take a trip
around, not gonna see much over here on this side there’s that one elongated uh skid mark
down there whoops that’s quite cool looking try to brighten it up a bit okay alright now let’s take a jaunt on the
outside edge here, now it’s quite nippy out here and there is a breeze and another set of clouds going over it darken her up a bit, there we go,
I’m gonna get a clip and I’ll be right back all right there we go we’ll try to do a stacking with that Lynkeos App for a Mac,
and see if it comes out yeah even though it’s not even quite
dark out yet with the Nikon P1000 the moon’s coming in a lot sharper and
clearer than the testing we did with the Tamron 150 to 600 lens and using a
teleconverter and digital zoom and all that stuff, now there is a Nikon rumour
coming out that I believe tomorrow that Nikon may release a new Coolpix
P950, so in between the 900 and the 1000 which were on right now, and we’ll have
to wait and see if it’s a rumour, or if it’s true and what the specs are gonna be, but
what I saw in the picture it didn’t look like there’s a focus ring at the
end of the lens and I really didn’t see any inputs except maybe a mic input so I
don’t think you’ll be able to use a HDMI like I’m doing right now with the
external recorder, but again we’ll have to wait & see nothing unusual is popping up
there so, that’ll do it then and let’s head back down so we could see
the sky there we go
you can see those pink clouds that were going over it there and it’s still too light out to even see
Venus so there’s really nothing else here to capture, okay it’s just gonna be
a real quick one tonight, I’m not feeling the greatest so I want to get back
inside, but I hope you’re all doing okay and everything’s going all right for you
all right so y’all take care, it’s now 5:26 p.m. up here in Northeastern Ohio
bye now brrr 🙂

100 thoughts on “Moon 83% Lit in the ESE Sky – Nikon P1000 Camera

  1. Excellent footage DJ.
    Happy New Year dear lady! I hope you have a nice week ahead. Get inside and be well! See ya again soon!

  2. Very nice, I can tell that moon is very, very old, it's still in black and white lol, have a great evening Jayling, thanks!

  3. I thought you were going to say P1500! we have a place down here called Boneyard Road. it's true. nice shot.
    Thanks, Joe

  4. Pretty moon shot tonight DJ the atmosphere quite cool so it’s probably helping with clear shots. Thanks for video capture have a great night

  5. What does diversityJ stand for? Is that some kind of notice that you're woke? You sound just like my aunt, same voice exactly, just have to say "y'all" a couple times lmao

  6. I have the p1000 also, an amazing camera.

    It's amazing that so many people, without using the scientific method still believe the moon is 384,400 km away.. yet a camera that has a 3000mm lens and a 125x optical zoom can see stars perfectly 25 trillion milles away.

    Until people get this camera, they will believe everything they are told, like a religion about astrophysics.

  7. I love your video's! Just out of curiosity, have you ever seen any UFO's flying over or near the moon, or in general during your sky watching? I'm in NE OHIO TOO! Thanks for your work, we appreciate you. Jeff

  8. Hey Jayling that Nikon gets some really nice crisp views of the moon. I did have some clear skies last night and got a nice view of Venus

  9. Hi!😁.. Beautiful in the Hudson Valley here tonight white clouds blowing past the moon🌙.. Great pics sweety ! As always ..hope you feel better😁🔭🔭🔭🔭Dub.

  10. thanks for posting.
    Last night, or maybe it was the night before, windy and the bright moon was over head, looking almost straight up with my head way back, from my front porch. Clear night, stars visible. Few clouds getting blown around.
    Scattered Clouds moving fast, windy, and when the moon went behind a cloud it grayed it out, , gray color, but then as the cloud passed and the moon appeared along the edge of the cloud, could see pink, purplish, and blueish luminescence in the clouds/sheen…..point is clouds full of particles, chem aerosol, God knows what nano particles in those clouds. Not normal. They spray me every single day and night, yep, night and day, here in Eastern Washington.
    Yesterday strong winds, so we had a clear night for part of the time.

  11. I was filming earlier on live view, went through 3 batteries in just over an hour. Not good. Thanks for sharing, great Footage as Always

  12. My mom’s step dad and great uncle were photography enthusiasts. Both have passed away and she is now following in their footsteps and carrying on their passion. I hope to see her get as experienced as you are.

  13. Hello DJ, from Europe. Thanks for sharing, so amazing again. Hope, You're well. I wish You a successful week. 🙂

  14. Greeting from Ireland and happy new year!
    Just waiting delivery of my Nikon P1000 and can’t until try on Moon and Planets

  15. Namaste, Mam please suggest me good Budget DSLR camera 📷 with lens for Skywatch/astronomical videography (I want to start my 'Hindi' YouTube Channel for Space and SkyWatching). Thank you

  16. i so much wanna see something extraordinary when you zoom in on the moon , like little green aliens waving at us , or man made stations, or just something not normal besides the rocks

  17. Just checked B&H shop and saw P950 AD and your moon video here supercedes pro grade, particulary the lower part of the Moon from around 1:14~ on is just impressive. Thank you as always for sharing.

  18. Deus te abençoe muitíssimo: quando você produz esses vídeos, você demonstra que tem um grande coração e uma grande boa vontade. É um ato de caridade doar seu tempo e inteligência em benefício de pessoas desconhecidas. Nasci num lugar muito pobre e onde os políticos mais miseráveis e corruptos ainda governam. Também vivi toda minha juventude numa época sem as novas tecnologias. Por este motivo, sempre que assisto aos teus vídeos e vejo a tua bondade agradeço a Deus e sinto uma alegria muito grande em meu coração. Hoje é terça-feira, segundo dia depois do Domingo de Festa do Santíssimo Nome e Epifania do Senhor: percebo que o inverno já está ficando forte em teu país, pois não há mais folhas nas tuas caducifólias.

  19. Wow! Beautiful! Zero thumbs down says all. I have a question for you. Atmos Ninja Monitor… Is it fully functional with P900? I'd be grateful for firsthand experience.
    Nice greeting, looking forward to your new Astrphotos 👍

  20. Качественные съёмки. Не знаю английский, но приятно вас слушать. Какое то умиротворение !

  21. would love your opinion on the P1000 vs the new P950 that's going to be coming out. I've really wanted this P1000….still thinking!

  22. Hiya diversity, I went out and look at her last night. The moon: she is alive. I just found you recently, nice to have you on my feed. Thank you kindly

  23. Will I be able to see the moon with camera alone?
    Just point it to the sky and look?
    Maybe I'll add a quote later depending upon the reply

  24. Stay warm Jayling , thanks for being a real trooper and going outside into that cold to share such a great video of a clear picture of the moon !!! Nice job my friend !!! Take care !!!

  25. You voice so beautiful 💕
    I wanna know these big holes in the moon are they the large of the cities ?
    Also can you take video of the ISS that would be so cool thanks 💕💕

  26. Did you watch moon eclipse couple days ago? We had clouds layer, so i was sleeping. 🙂
    And did you find some interesting on the moon? May be some changes, may be Elon Musk saying hallo from that side etc, ha?😊
    Hava nice week, dear!😘

  27. Hi DiversityJ, Thank you for the video. I found a vendor here in Norway that has a AZ GTi in store. But they have no clue of which L-Bracket I should use for my P1000. Can you recommend one?
    Also I am looking at the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer mount as an alternative. I`m a newbie on this, and wonder if you can explain the pros and cons versus the AZ GTi? Not much help to get in the stores anymore as they are lacking in knowledge I`m afraid. Nowadays they just want to sell stuff. 🙂

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