Modeling 101 Photoshoot Vlog | Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L is Usm Lens

okay so today I need to go pick up a
package from this Amazon locker that’s about ten minutes away from my place
after that I have a photoshoot with my friend Benny Megan and Fiona I believe
so I figure it’s a perfect situation for me to try out the Canon EOS R with the 15
to 35 the idea is to use this setup throughout the whole photo shoot so I
can really get used to this system and then that’s how you really learn and
really get into the system quickly when you don’t have any other choices the
only thing the only camera you have with you it’s the best one and you’ll learn
so much from it I have to say though it feels kinda weird taking out out all of my Fujifilm
gear out of the bag and maybe I don’t need to bring a bag at all I can just
bring this and maybe a spare battery that’s all wow it’s mind-blowing maybe I
don’t need a bag but I feel kind of insecure without my Fujifilm system
though do I really want to do this should I bring them should i bring
no okay no you know what this is it I’m gonna go just with this that’s it let’s
go okay so I still brought my bag not because I’m bringing the Fujifilm but
because I have like batteries and lens hood and all that stuff I didn’t want to
bring all that thing and putting into my pocket you know it’s kinda cumbersome remember this spot that I used to put my
Fujifilm up here it’s like a perfect little dent on my car where I can fit
the camera in there yeah this camera doesn’t fit in there it’s it’s way too big
let’s open this up because I might need it for today’s photo shoot so I got a
variable ND filter for the 15 to 35 I think one day I’ll review the variable
ND filter actually just ND filter in general but today I’m gonna just gonna
slap this on real quick I really hope this brand works because like many other
brands when you put it on here you can see like the X so I hope this doesn’t
with without with without I found myself looking at this screen but I
shouldn’t be alright so I got the variable ND filter on here now whenever
I put any kind of filter on the lens I’m always afraid of like it’s gonna get
stuck on there it’s really hard to take it out again that happened to me once and it was like the toughest time ever alright let’s go to the photo shoot Kingsley nice to meet you you know me yes I recognize you yeah the quality is very good so thanks
it’s amazing is it for YouTube oh it’s for everything photography video other YouTube videos yeah you might not want to look at yourself but oh I like looking at myself everybody does I have the same problem anyways that’s a new camera or new stuff you
guys haven’t notice it got bigger like it got way bigger really I noticed the puff is it the same thing that’s the same puff Oh what do you think about the big lens does it intimidate you or does it oh I just get confused at where you’re pointing it because it half the time I
think you’re pointing it out and like like my neck
yeah cuz like it’s very wide so really if you look at the screen can I see like the pictures later or something oh yeah because I don’t know you were zooming in like right here I’m like what is that my $10 necklace see I can come in all the way like this and look both of us are still in there huh okay my arms getting tired already you need to work out
I need to work out can I see how heavy it is okay yeah you’re right this is
really heavy Take it back don’t drop it take it back don’t drop it can I see the photos Jason because I kind of like to fix her double chin oh to see if you have double chin yes I think he is recording I am recording my face is like this at the camera yeah you can look at yourself no paparazzi that’s why I shifted myself
how do you shift I go on one foot and I arch my back like oh like that cheek of my right butt and I also like twist my body so so I don’t have to go like this so
like it’s just like that twist this way I put my hands like
coming down like you see how up my leg is why is that one not touching the ground I was like why does it not look the same she’s such a pro at this from that I would go like that like this way it’s suppose to be very uncomfortable go like this turn it this way put it next to you and sink back why are you going like this she is such a pro at this I know right yeah she is just like a natural this is modeling 101 I think I learned a lot today oh yes me too I don’t think I can twist myself like that oh I remembered somebody said that one side of your body is not
balanced and the other like I said it’s like you stand up straight right you do this and then your hands like this and then you go like this and then you do this I don’t know man I think I like that better okay yeah shoulders back
that’s what you want to do see like even if you’re like doing this right now
right you can just go like that and just like look over see and that would be a
good picture this is all in body position There’s so many people here so many cameras now so many people taking pictures
here we ate chicken okay what like church’s
yeah okay did he like it no it’s like his first time you don’t like it I didn’t like it he was fine with it are you more of a popeye person yeah ok yeah I see no guys no chicken vegetarian yes tofu chicken don’t eat meat tofu yeah tofu wow look at you guys next level modeling now you gotta learn how to catwalk Wow the sunset is amazing but there’s so
many people now let’s take pictures of you okay where let’s go there ok I am gonna leave my stuffs here yeah there’s noway we can do that nah I don’t think so whoa okay there you go how are you good tired or my feet hurt oh no is it hard to sit like this no I have no ass so it’s okay oh let me try okay so I don’t have any ass too so perfect oh this is not bad okay I think I can fit all 4 of us y’all should take photos with the camera facing us like with the with this facing us yeah like a selfie hey let’s do um do your thumbnail thumbnail oh yeah all us 4 us 4 ok let’s take a picture I think I will go on youtube and make how to pose yeah a tutorial video
they’re gonna teach me how to like close and have me as your model you should I will do it for you oh perfect yeah and just feature me in there I will try feature you Jason and Meghan my students your students you have to teach me how to pose like I think you pose pretty decently really aw thanks okay so throughout today I didn’t
use much of the ND filter but I did use it once today’s photo shoot went really
well I learned a lot of like different poses well not really me mostly Megan
but yeah it’s really fun and interesting to see the other side of the camera how
they have to pose how they have to like I know some of them I know like you know but I just don’t have the ability to really twist my body for it if you know
what I mean it’s just not yeah I don’t know it’s just kind of weird for me to
do it remember this morning when I just went out with the Canon EOS R and the
15 to 35 that’s all I had today it was perfect it was great I got to know the
system a lot more better and really really enjoyed how everything works
I’ll definitely review all of these together in another video in detail so
yeah stay tuned for that alright that’s it for today thank you for watching I’ll
see you guys in the next one

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