64 thoughts on “How To Take Hot Instagram Pictures

  1. Today's video is legit me EVERY time I need to take an Insta photo. Is this you, too?! BTW… New video means #SuperSixty. Replying to your comments for the next HOUR. Come type nice things and I'll type nice things back and all that good ish.

  2. Did any on else.realize that the licence plate looked like it said don't stalk
    DNT equals dont and STLK equals stalk😊😉

  3. i just can't do this ish and people around me are just never gonna do so much of effort for me never i will be doing for them but they are never ever gonna do that huhhh i hate this

  4. I can never take a perfect Instagram picture of myself it’s always my food that looks good in instagram pictures

  5. Fjjtcbbjvxhsj dy
    Fbvjggvndcyehdjusbf hkjbbvirdobsobx কাতারি হ্যাঁ কেয়া কার রাহে কি করছো খাওয়া হয়ে গেছে আজকে বাজার আছে ঈদের বাজার যাবে ঘুরতে তোমাদের ঢাকা থাকো আমি গেলাম পারে

  6. After a 50 pound weight loss, I became one of those “fit bitches” and I’m damn proud of myself for staying active! Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, running (sometimes 😭😂) and ya girl is feeling good you know? After seeing this video idk why I got the urge to look up modeling and I decided I want to do a fashion show but just for fun! Nothing serious but hey if it works out, sweet! So uhhh thanks L!!! ♥️✌🏽

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