How I Photograph The Bride Getting Ready On The Wedding Day

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today’s video is all about how I photograph a bride during the getting
ready part of the day. so her and her bridesmaids, reading a letter from her
groom, sometimes a little bit of those details like stationery and rings but
also the dress getting into the dress putting on the Garter and all those
moments in between. we even have a couple of family pictures here at the house in
some tricky lighting conditions so I’m gonna be sharing all of this with you
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I’m starting here with the detail photos. I like to start the day with the details so that I
can get all the details gathered photographed and given back to the bride
so that she can have her rings and her shoes and all the things that she’s
gonna need to get ready. so let me back up here and show you what the room
actually looked like… so you can see what we were dealing with , and where the light was
and why I have a reflector here just to fill those shadows. now one thing I like
to do is start with all the stationary so I’m doing a vertical stationary setup
here and I’m using live view on my camera so that I can really see how it’s
going to look inside the frame and make sure that everything is, you know, an
equal distance and it looks really flat and level the other thing that I like to
do here is zoom in on these little vignettes so I don’t change anything
about the scene I just love the way that these rings and the ring box were set up
and I wanted to make sure that I got those details so you’ll see that I get
cheap shots at the perfume and the stamps her earrings all that kind of
stuff and one really important thing to think about while you’re shooting these
details is making sure that you get vertical and horizontal because when
you’re making an album you never know when it’s gonna lend itself better to
have a horizontal of something versus a vertical or vice-versa so get both it’s
also great if you’re trying to get published and featured in magazines or
online because publishers love having those options next up I’m doing the
Rings so I’m using my 60 millimeter macro lens here
I love is a much more affordable option to the 120 millimeter macro which is
really gorgeous amazing lens but it’s very expensive and it’s very popular and
at the time I couldn’t actually afford this lens so I ended up getting the 16
millimeter just to get me through and I found that it gives me everything that I
need for details so I’m just gonna stick with this lens for as long as I’m
shooting weddings honestly and I think that it’s a fantastic lens for shooting
close-ups and getting those really gorgeous macro shots next I’m gonna put
her dress somewhere that I can get natural light and get some shots of her
in front of the dress and I felt like this mirror in her dining room was a
really great option so I put it here I got details of the dress close-up and
further away I’m making sure that I get her dress and her shoes in the frame as
well and here is one of the shots of how it really came out so next I wanted to
get her sitting on this little couch in her like dining room living room area
and just some really cute shots of her drinking her future mrs. cord coffee mug
because I loved that she had all these custom details for her wedding so I took
a few minutes here got a couple of really gorgeous Bridal portraits before
she actually got dressed which I just think adds a really nice touch to the
day and to the album next she’s going to be reading a letter from her groom so I
just had her stay exactly where she was at because I want all these pictures to
have the same even lighting and have the same look so that when we put them in an
album they’re really cohesive right now I am just photographing the day as it
unfolds I’m not posing her I’m not directing her I just really want her to
be in the moment and reading this letter and feeling these emotions and that’s
exactly what happened she started crying it was a beautiful moment and I didn’t
have to do any directing or talking to her in order to make that happen and
draw that out of her next we are going to be photographing the bridal party so
here are her and her bridesmaids they’re all in their matching robes I wanted to
make sure that I got a great picture of them a couple of them looking at me a
couple of them looking at the bride before I go ahead and let them know that
the bridesmaids can go get ready so this is always the last shot that I take
before the bridesmaids go get ready and while the bridesmaids are
getting dressed I take a moment and get like five minutes with the bride in
front of her gown this is also when I would get you know those shots of her
holding her coffee just those bridal portraits where she’s
not dressed yet but it’s a great time to get a little bit of extra portraiture
during the day I told the bride to take her dress down off of the mirror just
because she’s gonna have to get that down either way and it creates some
really beautiful action shots and some photojournalism throughout her album next she’s actually gonna get into her
dress so now her mom is fully dressed her sister is fully dressed and they’re
going to be buttoning her into this dress I went ahead and I told my bride
just then if you saw me I said look over your left hand shoulder that way I can
see a little bit of her profile in her face and I don’t completely lose those
details and only see her hair so I’m gonna have some where I just see the
back of her head but I also want to get somewhere I can actually see her smiling
her sister her mom that kind of thing so I am directing the bride at this point
since we have a couple minutes before the limo is going to arrive I decided
let’s get some portraits with mom and dad and make sure that we just get a
couple of extra just in case we’re not able to get everything that we want at
the church so I get a full-length portrait here as well as some close-ups
of them looking at each other and just having a good time these are also when
the bride and the mom are often laughing they might want to do a toast or a
Cheers picture or just a hugging picture and these are always some of my absolute
favorites here we have the bride getting her finishing touches she’s just going
to get her shoes on and her veil on and just a couple more things like a garter
if there’s a something old something blue that kind of thing we also had the
dad come in for some portraits so I got some of the three of them and we’re
gonna do more of these at the church but this is just great to get a casual
option as well so if you liked this video be sure to hit subscribe next week
I’m going to be sharing the ceremony portrait of this wedding day I had to
shoot the entire ceremony itself without flash and I’m gonna share with you some
details and tips and tricks for how to get that done especially if you’re in a
lowlight Church I’ll see you guys next week bye

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