CES 2020: Elite Screens MT106UHD5 manual tab-tension projector screen | Crutchfield

Hey this is JR, and I’m here in the
Elite Screens suite at the Venetian here for CES 2020, and one of the reasons
we’re here is because of this screen behind me. This is the MT106UHD5,
here’s what makes it special. Typically you want a screen with, if you’re
planning to use it for like really nice home theater stuff, you’re gonna want
something that is tab-tensioned, something that is going to maintain its
flat, no-rippled appearance so your movie looks really good. And to get that,
usually you have to go with a motorized screen, unless you’re gonna go with
something fixed. This one, however, is not motorized, so if you are not looking for
the expense of a motorized screen, if you don’t necessarily want to or can’t run
power into the ceiling to power your motorized screen, if you’re just looking
for that kind of performance without that kind of a price tag, this might be
for you because it is manually retracted, manually pulled down even though it
still has the tab tensioning. It has 75% ambient light rejection, it’s good for
short throw projectors as well as standard throw projectors, it’s even good
for projectors with a throw ratio of up to 0.8, so the
projector that they’re using here today is the Epson HD3800, and it
looks fantastic. And when you want it down, you pull it down. When you want it
up, you pull it and let it go up slowly, it does have a nice, slow retract
mechanism so it’s not like those old projector screens that you remember from
high school where they went slamming up into it, made all that noise and fell off
the wall, this one’s never gonna do that, it’s gonna it’s gonna be quiet and
elegant as it retracts. So once again, this is the Elite Screens MT106UHD5, a
reasonably priced, really high performance home theater movie screen.

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